“By 2018, 20% of business content will be authored by machines.” 

– Gartner, inc.



Recent technological advances are unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning for applications in natural language generation.

Legal documents are among the top candidates for automated writing tools.

Specifio utilizes a host of cutting-edge technologies including deep neural networks to mimic human writing capabilities for patent applications.

“The name of the game is the claim”

– Federal circuit judge giles rich



Specifio was developed on the premise that most, if not all, critical information associated with an invention is embedded in the claims.

These are all key aspects that practitioners may consider when drafting claims. And with this crucial information baked into the claims, the corresponding specification, in large part, merely exists to provide statutory support for the claims. This is where Specifio comes in. 

In only a few moments, Specifio creates robust first draft specifications (and formal figures for some technologies) based on practitioner-provided claims. These draft specifications are ready for practitioner review and any desired bolstering.


Amplify human resources with automation


Practitioners employing Specifio can easily accelerate the process of preparing patent applications by a factor of three or better.

An application can go from 20-30% complete to 80-90% complete in a matter of seconds.

This lets practitioners focus their expertise on less mundane tasks like claim drafting, responding to office actions, and giving attention to the client.

No software to install or new tools to learn






Augmenting practice leverage with Specifio is simple with no need for significant modifications to existing processes.

Practitioners interact with Specifio via email, much like they would with other members of their practice group. A practitioner just emails claims to Specifio and a first draft specification is returned moments later by reply email.

Before Specifio generates a draft specification, it screens the claims to look for any errors or difficult-to-understand formats. If any are discovered, Specifio will return an email flagging the individual issues and providing recommendations for curing them.


Enhance client service


More than ever, it is client service that distinguishes law firm practices. Specifio lets practitioners keep up with client demand with rapid turnaround and more consistent work product.

Also, rather than firms having to rely on entry-level practitioners to achieve profitability, Specifio allows more experienced practitioners with relatively higher billing rates to be responsible for patent preparation and still be profitable.

Specifio beats conventional out-sourcing options as the choice approach for leveraging without hiring. Reliability and price are just the beginning.

With Specifio, the application content is governed by the law firm practitioner—the same individual that knows the client and interfaces with the inventors—thus avoiding the disconnect experienced with out-of-touch contract attorneys.

Clients get the quality they are paying for and applications that better fit their business goals.