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Cutting-edge machine learning and natural language generation

Specifio is transforming the way patent applications are created. Patent applications are 20-30 page written documents prepared by legally-trained engineers or scientists, and traditionally take about 1 hour per page to complete. The process is labor-intensive, high-cost and, for law firms, a relatively low-margin practice area.

Specifio is solving those problems for law firms and in-house legal departments by providing a frictionless, fully-automated service that creates patent applications using machine learning and natural language generation. It all happens by email, so there’s no software to install or complex interface to learn. A patent attorney or agent simply drafts patent claims (1-3 pages) and emails them to Specifio’s automated system. The practitioner-drafted patent claims are converted into a complete patent application (with figures!) in about two minutes.

Specifio was founded in early-2017 by two Ph.D. scientists: one a patent domain expert and the other a leading expert in AI and NLG. The company is incubating at USC’s Information Sciences Institute in Marina del Rey.

Meet Our Co-founders

A rare blend of domain and technical expertise

Ian Schick

Ian C. Schick

Ian C. Schick, Ph.D., J.D., Co-founder & CEO, is a veteran Big Law patent attorney, physicist, and AI/natural language programmer having significant prior involvement with startup companies dealing with natural language processing and machine learning.

Kevin Knight

Kevin Knight

Kevin Knight, Ph.D., Co-founder & CTO, is a seasoned tech entrepreneur and leading expert in computational linguistics and artificial intelligence as the Director of Natural Language Technologies at USC’s world-renowned Information Sciences Institute.


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