Augmenting patent preparation with deep learning

Specifio augments law firm patent practices with cutting-edge deep learning and natural language generation technologies. It generates complete patent application drafts based on concise practitioner inputs.

Practitioners can now maximize their time and expertise by focusing on the client experience and only key aspects of the patent preparation process. Specifio handles the rest with near-instantaneous turnaround. It’s like text auto-complete, but for entire patent applications.

With Specifio, there is no software to install or new tools to learn making it a seamless addition to any patent practice. The dramatically boosted per-practitioner throughput combined with increasingly popular fixed fee client billing translates to substantially improved profit margins per billable hour.



Meet our co-founders

a rare blend of domain and technical expertise







Ian C. Schick, Ph.D., J.D., Co-founder & CEO, is a veteran Big Law patent attorney, physicist, and AI/natural language programmer having significant prior involvement with startup companies dealing with natural language processing and machine learning.








Kevin Knight, Ph.D., Co-founder & CTO, is a seasoned tech entrepreneur and leading expert in computational linguistics and artificial intelligence as the Director of Natural Language Technologies at USC’s world-renowned Information Sciences Institute.







R. Todd Mackey, MBA, Co-founder, President & COO, is a successful entrepreneur with a wide range of experience, having co-founded and/or scaled six companies, angel invested, raised venture capital, acquired several companies, and lead two successful exits, including a sale to a NYSE company.