Featuring Advanced Natural Language Generation

Convert software method claims into a first-draft application

  • Specifio transforms a single set of software method claims into a first-draft patent application.
  • 2-3 pages of claims can instantly become a 20-30 page draft.
  • Each section of the draft will be complete except for the Background section and a portion of the Detailed Description.
  • With Specifio’s draft in hand, practitioners can maximize value by adding in the nuances of the description as well as specific examples from the invention disclosure.

Automatically generate basic drawing figures

  • With each application created, Specifio provides system and method-flow-diagram figures.
  • The auto-generated figures are provided in both Visio and PowerPoint formats.
  • Descriptions around any stock figures in your old templates can be built into Specifio’s auto-drafts.

Customize auto-drafts to look and read like your own work

  • With Specifio’s Doc Plans feature, practitioners can control how Specifio creates draft applications so they consistently meet the preferences and requirements of clients and reviewers.
  • A practitioner’s “active” Doc Plan controls the appearance, content, and structure of the auto-drafts created by Specifio.
  • Practitioners can design a collection of different Doc Plans for different clients, technologies, or reviewers.
  • Doc Plans can be shared among registered users within your firm.

Automatically Identify Key Terms For Further Explanation

  • Specifio automatically flags the first instance of key terms in the Detailed Description that potentially warrant additional description from the practitioner.
  • This operates like a checklist for the drafter to help ensure the invention is sufficiently described and that no important concepts are missed.

Maintain confidentiality and data security

ZERO human intervention

Our system is the first and only fully-automated patent drafting solution. This means there is ZERO human intervention and confidentiality is always maintained.

Password Encryption

All confidential information transmitted between our system and our users is password encrypted.

No Long-Term Storage

There is no long-term storage of our users’ confidential information. All confidential information received from or sent to our users is permanently deleted from our system after each application is processed.

"Cross-pollination" Free

We do not train our machine learning models on confidential information received from or sent to our users, which eliminates any risk of “cross-pollination” between applications.