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Intuitive and Easy-To-Use

With no complicated tools to learn, you can start using Specifio in minutes.

All you need is your favorite word processor and an email account.

Concentrate Expertise To Maximize Added-Value

Specifio lets you offload the rote parts of patent preparation without diluting your unique impact on the work product.

Speed Through Your Drafts

In just a couple minutes, Specifio transforms 2-3 pages of claims into patent application shells. These shells typically include 20-30 pages of text plus basic system and method figures. All that is left for the practitioner is adding in specific examples and explaining any unclaimed details or additional figures.

Increase Talent Capture

With the time and effort saved using our service, focus more energy and expertise on the intellectually rigorous and value-added tasks, such as drafting strategic claims and enhancing the auto-generated application with explanations of invention nuances.

Maintain Your “House Brand”

Your clients appreciate the way your applications look and read. Specifio can be adapted to your style using customized Doc Plans, which let users control the appearance, content, and structure of the auto-generated drafts.

Advantages Brought By Auto-Drafting

No matter where you sit in your organization, Specifio’s automation can elevate your practice to a new level.

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