Auto-generated patent applications

Covering software-related technologies

Specifio provides a frictionless, fully-automated service that converts attorney-drafted patent claims into a complete patent application (with figures!) in about two minutes. It all happens by email, so there’s no software to install or complex interface to learn.

Our initial service is focused on software-related patents, but our road map includes extending our service to hundreds of different patent areas.

Easy to use:

Patent attorneys and agents can simply attach a set of method claims to an email and send it to Specifio’s automated email system. 

The claims will be converted into a corresponding patent application, which will be returned within a few minutes by reply email.




Specifio’s auto-generated patent applications include:

  • method claims and corresponding system and CRM claims;
  • a robust specification supporting the system, method, and CRM claims; and
  • formal system and method drawing figures.

Sample System Figure

 Sample Method Figure