Introducing Specifio 1.1 Click here to learn about the new features

Introducing: Specifio 1.1

New Features

Document Personalization:

  • Users can now manage their own patent-application-document settings via their online Specifio account.
  • Set formatting defaults, boilerplate/stock language, and types of claims to be included in each application Specifio generates for you.

Even More Auto-Generated Content:

  • Suggested additional content expands on a majority of key concepts automatically identified in the claims.
  • Suggested content explains a concept in its broadest sense, provides a generic definition of the concept, and gives specific examples of the concept.

More Intuitive Interaction with Specifio:

  • Enhanced email automation provides more natural interactions between users and our system.

Our automated service runs over email so there’s never a need to install software or learn a new tool.


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